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When taking medicines at different times of day it can be quite confusing to remember exactly what medicine you meant to take at which time. This can lead to forgetting to take some doses of medication or accidental overdoses when you forget that you have already taken a tablet. Your local pharmacy, Neem Tree Pharmacy can help you to organise your healthcare plan, reducing the risk associated with getting confused by providing medication in a Dosette Box.


What is Dosette Box?

A dosette box is a disposal tray system for arranging you medicines on a weekly basis. The medicine in the dosette box are separated into individuals compartments for different times of the day for each day throughout the week. At a glance you can see what pills are to be taken and when.  Due to these advantages it reduces the risk of overdose or underdose of the pills throughout the week.


You can ask  us at Neem Tree Pharmacy how to change to a dosette box  or ask your GP Surgery to set up a dosette box prescription.


If you or someone you care for could benefit from a dosette box then please call us  and discuss your needs with the pharmacist and if you wish us to deliver then we can do so. This is a service free of charge.

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