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NHS Prescriptions

NHS Prescriptions

Now you can get NHS repeat prescriptions without leaving home 

We know how inconvenient and time consuming it can be to be on regular repeat medications. Now Neem tree Pharmacy has it own website which provide customer to place order through online or  alternatively  can call pharmacy number without coming to pharmacy. This website is all you need to place orders for repeat prescriptions. There is no charge for using this service. 


This will give you option whether to have medication delivered free to your door ot whether to collect from the pharmacy.  



Every effort has been made to ensure that this website is secure and to protect your confidentiality, in excess of recommended standards. No information will be exchanged with any third parties other than your surgery.



Our service is available to all patients fully registered with any GP listed on the website. If you are registered at any of these GP surgeries, you can use our ordering service. 



Please type your order exactly as it appears on your surgery repeat slip once you have login to your account. If the form was not filled properly pharmacist won't be to dispense your order on time. 


Email reminder service 

Each time you order you will be given the option to receive an e-mail reminder, after an interval chosen by you, to place your next order. 



You have the option of having your medicines delivered, either to your home or to any other address in the Plumstead and Abby Wood area, for example your work address within the available delivery area. 

You must be present in person to take delivery of your medicines and you may be asked for photo ID. 

If you are not available when your medicines are delivered, we will leave you a message asking you to telephone your pharmacy to make alternative arrangements. If that is not possible we will telephone you or send you an e-mail asking you to contact us. 

Delivery times are between 10am and 5pm Monday, Wednesday and  Friday. If you cannot guarantee being present to receive your delivery, it would be best to choose to collect your medicine from the pharmacy. 


Prescription charges for medicines delivered 

Prescription charges, if you are not exempt, can be made to the delivery driver in cash or over the telephone to the pharmacy using a debit or credit card. 

For the convenience and make order easier for next time your previous order are stored on our system securely.   We can even send you an e-mail, if you wish us  to remind you when you need to order your medicines next time. 

Registration is easy. Ordering your medicines is easy. We only ask that you allow three working days for your medication to be ready. 

Neem Tree will send your order to your Surgery. The surgery then approves and prescribes your medicine. Once your prescription is ready then we will collect from the surgery and dispense your medicines.

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